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We need to learn to listen 

and trust our intuition when becoming the mother we're meant to be. 

Geneviève Desrochers

Votre spécialiste en santé mentale et trouble de l'humeur postpartum bilingue qui dessert les familles du triangle d'Ottawa à Québec à Toronto, et même à l'international!


Your postpartum mood disorders specialist and bilingual doula serving families within the Ottawa-Quebec-Toronto triangle and internationally.

Always inspired to participate in changing the world as she wishes to see it in her community, Bonnie is motivated to rekindle the concept of the Mom Job. Herself having given birth to 2 wonderful beings assisted by midwives, with one at home in Hawkesbury, she has now embarked on the big adventure, that is to capture on film, the immense role that women have, and the story they create, when they give birth!

Either through pictures with more than 18 years of experience as a photographer and community health worker, or naturally by being properly accompanied through this experience, Bonnie wants to be there to help you reach new horizons... 

Her atypical path permits her to offer a variety of services, customized to your needs.  


Her ongoing attentive listening, and the networks  she connects with common challenges in the community, means that she can not only answer to your expectations, but also create new opportunities, that will surpass what you had wished for. 

All encompassing, her expertise in sharing knowledge, and capturing those special moments, will offer you the chance to transcend positively, your experience and transition into a healthy motherhood and parenthood. 

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